Fenix 18650 3200mAh 3.6V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (ARB-L2P) [DISCONTINUED]

Discontinued / Upgraded

Fenix 18650 3200mAh 3.6V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery ARB-L2P Model 

 Flat Top Batteries

Manufacturer Description:
ARB-L2P is a high capacity 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery specially designed for high-drain devices.  With outstanding performance, excellent reliability and compact design, it is the best match for your high-drain devices..

Recommended Charger: Fenix 18650 Smart Charger or Fenix ARE-C2 Multi-Charger.

Specifications and Features: 
- 3200mAh high capacity battery with outstanding performance
- Three sets of over-heat protection
- Built-in over-charge and over-discharge protection circuit ensure the max performance of the battery
- Unique structural design for better impact-resistant
- Capable to retain upto 70% of its origical capacity even after the standard 500 recharge cycles life
- Upto 25% more runtime than the standard 2600mah batteries
- Compact design, suitable for various  high-intensity flashlights
- No battery memory effect, negligible self discharge
- 3.6 Volt
- Charging Current: Recommended A1, maximum 2A
- Weight: 49g
- Size: Diameter 18.5mm with a height of 68mm
- Warranty Period: 12-month free warranty period from purchase date
A word of caution from the manufacturer: 
Observe the plus (+) and minus (-) marks on the battery and ensure proper use
Do not expose the battery to fire or throw it into water
Do not mix fully charged batteries with used one, or other battery types
Do not disassemble the battery
Only charge the batteries with chargers designed for li-ion batteries
Recharge the battery after every 3 months’ storage to secure maximum performance before use
Keep out of the reach of children

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