Soshine RCR123 700mAh 3.7v Li-ion Protected Batteries (Pair)

Soshine RCR123 700mAh 3.7v Li-ion Protected Batteries
(set of 2 batteries + good quality storage case)

Battery Features: 
1) Can replace CR123, CR17345, K123A, VL123A, DL123A, 5018LC, SF123A and EL123AP
2) The voltage of full charge & empty condition is 4.2v & 2.75v respectively
3) High quality and operating voltage 3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery.
4) Product Type: ICR16340 Lithium-ion battery with capacity: 700mAh.
5) Light weight, higher energy density, small volume.
6) Longer service life, 1C for Circulation using 500 charge/discharge Cycle, Capacity above 80%.
7) Low self-discharge.
8) No memory effect.
9) Safer and environmentally friendly.

Battery Specifications: 
- Type: Rechargeable Lithium-ion Cylindrical Cell
- Dimension: 16.5 x 34.1 mm
- mAh: 700
- Battery Nominal Voltage: 3.7v
- Battery Maximum Voltage: 4.2v
- Battery 
Minimum Voltage: 2.72v
- Weight: Approx.18g


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  • Brand: Soshine
  • Product Code: L14SSRCR700P
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ₹1,000
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