Soshine RCR123 16340 650mAh 3.0V Li-ion Un-protected Batteries (Pair)

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Soshine RCR123 16340 650mAh 3.0v Li-ion Un-protected Batteries (Model: SC-B7)
(set of 2 batteries + case)

Battery Features: 
1) High quality and operating voltage 3.0V Li-ion rechargeable battery.
2) Product Type: ICR16340 Lithium-ion battery with capacity:650mAh.
3) Light weight, higher energy density, small volume.
4) Longer service life, 1C for Circulation using 500 charge/discharge Cycle, capacity above 80%.
5) Low self-discharge.
6) No memory effect.
7) Safer and more environmentally friendly.

Battery Specifications: - 3.0V 650mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery.
- Can replace for 3.0V CR123, CR17345. The voltage of full charge & empty condition is 4.2v & 2.75v respectively
- Rechargeable Times: Up to 500 times 
- Type: Li-ion
- Model: RCR123
- Capacity: 650mAh
- Output voltage:3.0V
- Internal resistance: 80
- Weight:20g(1pcs), 55g(2pcs pack)
- Size: 17x35.5mm

Manufacturer note: Soshine 3.0V batteries have diodes in them. Li-ion chemistry produces 3.6V (nominal) and those Soshines are Li-ion batteries. The diodes are not there for protection. They are there to drop the output voltage from 3.6V (nominal) to 3.0V (nominal). So inside your battery is a charged Li-ion cell that has about 4.2V (full charged state of 3.6V Li-ion). But the power is coming through an output diode (0.6V typical) to drop the voltage to 3.6V (result of regulation) so that it can be put into devices that cant handle the 4.2V.This is the reason that you must use the 3.6V setting to charge them.


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  • Brand: Soshine
  • Product Code: L14SS650SCB7
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • ₹850
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