Product Comparisons

Listed in this page are some of the most frequently asked lights for comparisons: 


General purpose Lights:

Fenix LD Series - AA Lights: Fenix LD22 vs Fenix LD12

Fenix E-Series lights: Fenix E25 vs Fenix E35 vs Fenix E40


Bike Lights (Bicycle Lights) - Fenix Series: Fenix BT10 vs Fenix BT20

Single AAA Battery Keychain Lights: Solarforce X3  vs Fenix E05
Single AA Battery Lights:  Solarforce X2 vs Fenix LD12 vs Fenix MC11

Fenix Head lights Comparision: Fenix HL21 vs Fenix HL30 vs Fenix HP11

Security Lights:  Solarforce Gladiator vs Solarfore M8 vs Fenix E50 vs Fenix TK22 vs Fenix TK35
                               If you are looking for a high performance + long distance light + 1000Lumens or more for security, it should be Fenix TK75