Fenix 18650 Smart Battery Charger - ARE-C1 [DISCONTINUED]

Discontinued / Upgraded

Fenix 18650 Smart Battery Charger for 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries [Model: ARE-C1]

Specially designed for 18650 rechargeable batteries, the ARE-C1 features the constant-current charge which extends the lifespan of the battery. The built in advance safety features ensure your safety and the health of the battery. With the included car adapter, you can charge your batteries on the go. 

Specifications and Features :

- Constant-current charge. 3.5 hours charging times for 2600 mAh 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery
- Support AC charging and DC charging. Charge on the go with the included car adapter
- Advanced safety features: Short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection, reverse polarity protection, overcharge protection
- Two independent charging channels. Charge 2 rechargeable 18650 batteries at the same time
- Two LED indicators displays charging progress for each battery
- Input: 100-240 V (AC), 50/60Hz, 200 mA (max) 12V-24V (DC), 1000mA (max)
- Output: 4.2V (DC), 2 x 1000 mA
- Size: 88m x 87mm x 26mm (Length x Width, x Height
- Weight: 110 g (excluding batteries)
- Operating conditions: Humidity (Temperature) 5% (0 degrees C) - 90% (40 degrees C) (Full-load in normal working condition)
- Storage conditions: Temperature: 20 degrees C - 85 degrees C
- Product Rating: CE, PSE, FC, SAA, RoHS

*The above mentioned charging time (lab-tested by Fenix using ARB-LS 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery) are approximate. Actual charge time ma vary depending on cell's discharge level, capacity, and condition.

Some Advice from Lightorati: 

Buying: We would always advice you to buy battries in sets of 2 and also use/charge in sets of 2 for optimal performance. Also please do not mix and match the sets. This way you can get the best battery life and performance. If one battery fails for any reason in a set of 2, buy another set and keep the  single old battery(s) as a spare. Practice this even for single cell lights. 

Charging: Initially do not use your batteries(rechargeable) uncharged even though the batteries come factory charged, they need 4-5 full charging cycles to give you the best performance. Meaning charge them to 100% when you recieve them, let them discharge completely when you start using, recharge 100% again, repeat this strictly atleast 4-5 times to make the most from the battries. Quality battries will survive a very long time for normal users - meaning till you forget when you bought them. Also make sure you are inserting the +/- sides in the right position, do that the wrong way and you are likely to blow the battery and charger. 

Usage: Handle battries carefully, its easy to break battries. We will check all batteries before sending them out if they are healthy or not. If they are dead on arrival, do let us know. But if you happen to drop them once from a considerable height like 3-4 feet on the floor, they will most likely die. 

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