Solarforce UV LED Flashlight [SET]

Solarforce UV LED Flashlight Combo

This is is a Combo/Set listing for UV Torch and includes the following items:
1x Solarforce L2 2015 Body 
1x Solarforce LC-UV LED module with a wavelength of 380-450nm
1x Solarforce FH-1 Pouch
2x Solarforce 18650 2600mAh 3.7v Rechargeable Batteries
(The light needs only one battery, so you have another one as backup all the time) 
1x Solarforce 18650 2-battery multi Charger 

Lightorati's note on this light:
 If you are looking for a high end UV light, you just have reached the end of your search. The light you see here is the best appreciated UV torch in the market. This is a daily work light for many of our customers who are in various fields who require a UV Torch on the job.  

Specifications and Features : 
- Module consists of an UV LED and an aluminum reflector (mirror-like reflective coating)
- Wavelength: 380 - 450nm
- Input voltage: 3 - 6V
- Provide 230 Lumens Max output
- Reflector aluminum reflector (smooth reflective coating)
- Driver: New Solarforce R&D driver circuit to protect Li-ion battery from over-discharging
- Modes: Single mode
- Battery configuration:
  1 x 18650 3.7v (Recommended)  - 2 batteries Included in the combo  
  1 x CR123A 3.0v or 3.7v (not recommended for this setup)  
- Runtime:
   18650 3.7v – 3.5 hours
   CR123A 3.0v or 3.7v  – 1.5 hours

Please check individual product details in combo here: 
Solarforce L2, LC-UV LED Blub, FH-1 Pouch
Solarforce 18650 2600mAh 3.7v Rechargeable Batteries, Solarforce 18650 multi Charger

Please note that there is no other LED bulb except the UV bulb is included in this combo. If you are looking for the Regular LED also along with the UV LED Combo, The Same body can also be used with regular Solarforce LC-XPL V3 LED  you can add this item separately to the cart. 

Suggested Accessories: 
Regular LED Bulb: Solarforce LC-XML U2 5-Mode LED
Pouch / Holster:  Solarforce FH-8
Pocket Clip: Solarforce L2-PC2 Pocket Clip 
Remote Switch for Weapons: Solarforce PTS-2 or PTS-3   
Weapon Mount: Solarforce M-001 or M-013 or M-014 or M-015   

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  • Brand: Solarforce
  • Product Code: L13SOL2UVCOM1
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ₹7,500
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