Ledlenser K1 Keychain LED Flashlight, 13 Lumens

Ledlenser K1 Keychain LED Flashlight

- 13 Lumens, 16 mts throw, 0.25 hrs, 10 gms

A matchstick size flare.  When you hold the small K1 in your hand for the first time, you think: "Isn't it cute!" But only until you switch it on by turning the head of the light. Because then small becomes large: At a length of only 4.3 cm and a weight of just 10 g (0.4 oz), it is nevertheless 13 Lumens strong. It is therefore always a real eye-catcher - whether it's in elegant black or bright pink.


Brand Ledlenser
Country of Origin Germany
Color Black
LED 1x Low Power LED
Lumens 13 Lumens
Beam Distance 16 mts
Material Aluminium
Switch Type Rotary Head Switch
Water Resistance IPX4 - Protection against water splashing from any direction
Battery Type 4x Button Cell (LR 41) 1.5V
Battery Capacity 0.24 Wh
Battery Duration MAX 0.25 h - MIN 0.25 h
Rechargeable No
Dimensions Length: 43mm, Head: 10.5mm
Weight 10 gms
Whats Included 1 set of batteries, keyring

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