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Nitecore Range of Products:
T-Series ---- T2s, Tube, Tube UV, TIP, TINI, Thumb, T360, T360M 
Tiny Monster Series (TM Series Flashlights) ---- TM16 GT, TM28, TM36, TM36, TM38
Smart Ring Tactical Series (SRT Series) ---- SRT3, SRT5, SRT6, SRT7 GT, SRT9 
Chameleon Series (C Series) ---- Ci6, CU6, CB6, CR6, CG6  
Multi-Task Series (MT Series) ----  MT06, MT1U, MT20A, MT21A, MT22A, MT40 GT
Lantern Series ---- LA10, LA10 CRI, LR10, LR30 
NU Series ---- NU05, NU10, NU20, NU30 
Headlamp Series ---- HA20, HC60, HC70 
Explosion Proof Series (EF Series) ---- EF1 
Explosion Proof Headlamps (EH Series) ---- EH1, EH1S
Rechargeable Series ---- R25, R40
Concept Series (C Series) ---- Concept 1 
Diving Series (DL Series) ---- DL10 
Explorer Series (E Series) ---- EA11, EA21, EA41, EA45S, EA81, EC4S, EC4GT, EC11, EC20, EC21, EC23, EC25  
Precise Series (P Series) ---- P05 Black, P05 Pink, P10 GT, P12 GT, P16, P16 GT, P20, P20 UV, P25, P30, P36 
Multitask Hybrid Series (MH Series) ---- MH1A, MH2A, MH12, MH20 GT, MH25 GT, MH27, MH27 UV, MH40 GT, MH41 

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