Nitecore 18650 Low Temperature Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, 2900mAh (NL1829LTP)

Nitecore NL1829-LTP 18650 Low Temp Li-ion Button Top Battery

Works in temperatures as low -40°

The Nitecore NL1829-LTP 18650 Low Temp Li-ion Button Top Battery features long runtimes and a high-performance rating. This 18650 Lithium Ion battery is specifically designed to be used in freezing sub zero temperatures. Hikers, Law Enforcement, and other Outdoor enthusiasts who are outside during winter and other cold temperatures need to have a reliable battery source for their flashlights. The Nitecore NL1829-LTP offers 4A and 2900mAh of reliable power! Moreover, this cell can be recharged up to 500 times! That is the equivalent of using 500 PAIRS of CR123A Lithium battery cells. Having a battery that works well in cold temperatures, that can be recharged up to 500 times, is ideal for those who want to save money and operate their electronics in all types of environments.

- Compatible with multiple high performance Headlamps and Flashlights including:
Nitecore HC30
Nitecore HC60
Nitecore LR30
Nitecore TM26
Nitecore Ci6
Nitecore SRT7GT
Nitecore SRT9
and all other 18650  flashlights
- Protection circuit prevents overcharging, over discharging, and short circuiting
- Metallic wrapper protects against abrasions
- Constructed with a nickel-plated Stainless Steel to prevent oxidation and promote conductivity
- CE and RoHS Certified
- Comes with Nitecore's 12-Month Warranty

- Battery Size: 18650
- Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
- Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
- Nominal Capacity: 2900mAh
- Estimated Charge Cycles: 500 cycles
- Max Discharge Current: 4A

Dimensions: Length - 2.73" (69.30 mm), Diameter - 0.73" (18.50 mm)
Weight: 1.76oz (49.90g)

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