Nitecore GEM Lights COMBO SET (4xGEM Lights, 4x3400mah Batteries, 4-battery i4 Smart Charger)


Nitecore GEM Lights - Professional GEM Stone Identification Flashlights

- The GEM series are not ordinary flashlights and are purpose built for Jewelers desk
- Each Gem light is Powered by 1x18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery or 2xCR123A Lithium battery
- Variable brightness to adjust according to the need
- Built-in scale for measuring gem stones
- Nitecore's uncompromising 5-year manufacturer warranty
- Like all Nitecore Flashlights, the GEM series lights also have unique serial numbers for warranty (both on product package and flashlight body)

Please note that this combo set is put together for the benefit of our customers and these are all individual products and do not actually come as a set from manufacturer. You can also buy these products individually on our website with your own choice of lights, batteries and chargers.

SET Includes: 

1. Nitecore GEM8 Light 
2. Nitecore GEM8 UV Light
3. Nitecore GEM10 Light
4. Nitecore GEM10 UV Light
5. 4xNitecore 18650 3400mah Rechargeable Li-ion batteries (4 pcs)
6. Nitecore i4 4-Battery Smart Charger 

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