Nitecore LR10 USB Rechargeable Pocket Lantern with Magnetic Tail, Hook (250 Lumens, Inbuilt Battery)

Nitecore LR10 - Magnetic base, Built-in battery Camping Lantern 
- Available in Black, Yellow and Olive
- Warm White Output that is not harsh on human eyes
- 250 Lumens, In-built Rechargeable Li-ion battery 
- 360 degree output unlike conventional flashlights
- Makes a great EDC Lantern

Pocket-Sized Camping Lantern

One of the most compact camping lights on the market, the Nitecore LR10 Rechargeable LED Lantern is one of the brightest lanterns relative to its size you'll ever see! Roughly the size of a box of breath mints, this tiny light can easily fit in your backpack, tent bag, or even your front pocket for a convenient source of light wherever you go. Despite its small stature, the LR10 is a more than capable light source, featuring 3 constant brightness outputs of up to 250 Lumens of illumination, more than enough to light your tent or campsite. In addition to its trio of steady outputs, the lantern also comes with three special flashing outputs that can be used to mark your current location or signal for help in emergency situations. All 6 outputs can be easily accessed and cycled through using the LR10's easy-to-use side switch interface.

Intelligent Design

The LR10 is designed inside and out for optimal use as a camping or emergency light. The lantern's body is constructed from durable PC plastic and is extremely water resistant, so it'll easily endure anything Mother Nature can throw at it while you're out in the wilderness. The light's translucent diffuser and High-CRI help provide 360° of soft light that won't strain your eyes even at full brightness. The lantern features a flat magnetic base for mounting on metal surfaces and a metal hook for additional hands-free lighting options. The LR10 is designed with a special Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) module that regulates the light's outputs to prevent possible overheating from extended use, keeping it safe inside and out.

Internally Rechargeable

Rather than relying on expendable batteries that need constant replacing, the LR10 is powered by a sizable Li-Ion battery pack built into its body. The rechargeable power source can provide up to 38 hours of runtime on Low Mode and can be quickly recharged using the lantern's handy micro-USB charging port. Simply plug your charging cable into the wall or even your car and bring your LR10 back to full power in no time! The lantern even comes with a convenient red LED power indicator that will display the light's remaining charge so you're never blindsided by a dead battery.

- Compact design makes it easy to carry anywhere
- Crafted from durable PC materials
- Neutral White LEDs (CRI≥90) provide vivid white light similar to sunlight
- Translucent PC cover diffuses and evenly disperses 360° of light
- Simple single switch interface to access all 6 outputs
- Built-in Li-Ion battery pack is micro-USB rechargeable
- Red LED power indicator flashes to report remaining power level
- Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) module helps prevent overheating from extended use
- Magnetic base can be mounted to a variety of metal surfaces for hands-free lighting
- Convenient metal hook in base for hanging
- Available in Black, Yellow, or Olive Green 
- LED: 9 x High-CRI LEDs (CRI≥90)
- Power Source: Built-In 1200mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack (Included)
- Output / Runtime: 
High: 250 Lumens / 1 Hour 
Medium: 65 Lumens / 5 Hours  15 Mins
Low: 8 Lumens / 38 Hours
Caution Light: 250 Lumens / - 
S.O.S: 250 Lumens /- 
Beacon: 250 Lumens / - 
- Beam Diameter: 24 Meters
- Beam Intensity: 38 cd 
- Impact Resistance: 1 Meter
- Waterproof: IP66 (Dustproof, protected against powerful jets of water from all directions)

Dimensions: Length: 65.5mm, Head: 50mm, Height: 24.9mm
Weight: 59.1gms (With battery)

Includes: Micro-USB Charging cable 

Flashlight Performance
Max Lumens 250 Lumens
Min Lumens 8 Lumens
Modes 3 Brightness Modes + Caution Light, SOS, Beacon
Flashing Modes(Strobe/SOS) Caution Light, SOS, Beacon
Runtimes High(250 Lumens): 1hr, Mid(65 Lumens): 5hr15mins, Low(8 Lumens): 38hrs
Beam Distance 24 mts
Peak Beam Intensity 38 cd
Flashlight Features
Battery Type Built-In 1200mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack (Included)
Emitter Type 9 x High-CRI LEDs (CRI≥90)
Reflector -
Lens Material -
Current Regulation Yes
Smart Circuit for Rechargeable Batteries Yes
Reverse-Polarity Protection Yes
Impact Resistance 1 mts
Tail Stands? Yes
WaterProof Yes- IP66 (Dustproof, protected against powerful jets of water from all directions)
Switch Type Simple single switch interface to access all 6 outputs
Other Features Magnetic Base, Hook for hanging
Body Material Crafted from durable PC materials
Color Black / Yellow / Olive
Dimensions 65.5 x 50 x 24.9 mm
Weight 42.7 gms (with battery)
In The Box
Included Accessories
Manufacturer Warranty 15 Days (Replacement) + 24 Months / 2 Year Free Repair - T&C apply
Lightorati Warranty 15-Day Refund (No Questions Asked), Lifetime Support - T&C apply

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