Ultrafire C12 XM-L2 U3 Flashlight SET (Flashlight, Battery, Charger, Pouch)

Ultrafire C12 - XM-L2 U3 LED Flashlight SET - Black Color - 1800 Lumens, 
- Powered by 1x18650 Battery - 3 Brightness levels + Strobe + SOS
- Lightorati Estimated Lumens for the U3 C12 would be about 950-1000 Lumens

Set Includes: 
1. Ultrafire C12 XM-L2 U3 Black flashlight
2. 1x Ultrafire 18650 2600mah Li-ion Rechargeable battery  (this is a good quality battery) 
3. Liitokala Lii-100 Single Battery USB Smart Charger   (great quality USB charger)   
4. Ultrafire C07 Flashlight Nylon Holster(Pouch) (great quality holster/pouch) 

Please note that this set has been put together by Lightorati for customers to get the most value for what you pay for. If you do not prefer these accessories and want different ones, please add your choice of individual items to cart. Feel free to contact us anytime. 

Please note that this light, which has a large head, is more of thrower than flood. If you are looking for a spot light and with a tight budget, this might be a good option. The set includes 2 rechargeable batteries and storage case. The flashlight only takes one battery, so the other one in the set is a backup battery and can be changed when the first one runs out. 

- Maximum 1800 Lumens (manufacturer rated)
- Beam range: 400 mts 
- CREE XM-L2 U3 neutral white LED with a lifespan of 1,00,000 hours
- 3 Modes (High, Mid, Low) + Strobe + SOS
- Compatible with 1x18650 battery 
- Waterproof 
- Length: 153 mm; Head Diameter: 44mm; Body Diameter: 25mm
- 157 gram weight (excluding batteries)
- tactical tail switch
- Made of T6061 durable aluminum
- Voltage input range: 3.7V~4.2V


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