Fenix ARE-C2 Advanced Multi-Charger with LCD (for 18650, 16340,14500, AA, AAA)

Fenix ARE-C2 Advanced Multi-Charger with digital display 
Suitable for: 
Li-ion: 18650, 16340,14500, 26650,
Ni-MH: AA, AAA and C Batteries.

Manufacturer Description: 
ARE-C2 is an advanced multi-charger compatible with broad spectrum of Li-ion and Ni-MH rechargeable cell sizes and capable of charging four different rechargeable batteries simultaneously while the LCD display keeps you informed with readouts of voltage and charging status. Utilizing our exclusive accelerated charging technology, it takes only three and a half hours to fully charge four ARB-L2 (2600mAh) 18650 rechargeable batteries. 

- Broad spectrum of Li-ion and Ni-MH rechargeable cell sizes
- Automatically select charging modes based on the battery loaded
- Accelerated charging
- LCD display for battery voltage and charging status
- Four slots monitors and charges independently
- Advanced safety features

- Input: 100-240V (AC), 50/60Hz,500mA(max)
           12V-24V (DC), 2000mA (max)
- Output:4.2V / 1.5V  1000mA×4 / 500mA×4
- Size: 156×99.5×37mm(Length×Width×Height)
- Weight: 275g (excluding batteries)
- Operating Temperature: 5%(0℃) - 90%(40℃)(Full-load in normal working condition)  
- Storage Conditions:   Temperature: -20℃ - 85℃

Note: When charging Li-ion batteries, the battery voltage readout on the LCD screen may have 0.1V margin of error; and 0.07V margin of error when charging Ni-MH batteries.


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  • Brand: Fenix
  • Product Code: L14FEAREC2MC
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ₹3,000
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