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AAA Battery Flashlights

LED Flashlights which run by AAA Alkalike and Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries.

AAA Torch Lights, AAA LED Flashlights, AAA Headlamps and AAA LED Lanterns in India at Lightorati.

These Lights are generally run by 1xAAA or 2xAAA or 3xAAA or 4xAAA or 8xAAA Batteries. 
Mostly considered as backup lights because of the wide availability or AA Batteries in the local shops. 

Please note that AA or AAA Batteries(Alkaline) even the high quality ones leak at some point if left unused/drained in the flashlights. Its best to change them or remove them from the lights after usage if not using everyday. 
If you need AA or AAA batteries that do not leak, Consider the Rechargeable Panasonic Eneloop Range of Ni-MH Batteries

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JETBeam JET-UV Ultraviolet LED Flashlight, TITANIUM GREY - 135 Lumens, 1xAAA- Powered by 1xAAA(Ni-MH/Alkaline Battery) (Battery not included) - 40mins of runtime, Single mode )- Two Colors (Blue and Red) - You can choose your color choice while adding the item to cart Specifications: &n..
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Ledlenser EX4 Intrinsically Safe LED Flashlight- 50 Lumens, 35 mts throw, 7 hrs, 65 gms, 2xAAA, Ex-Zone 0/20, Class 1, Div 1 RatedExtremely lightweight, small, and handy, this light is perfect for using in explosive environments. The Ledlenser EX4 was designed specifically for Class 1,..
₹3,695 ₹3,890
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Ledlenser NEO1R LED Headlamp- 250 Lumens, 80 mts throw, 15 hrs, 100 gms, 1x Li-ion 3.7VNEO1R combines minimalism with power. This ultra-compact headlamp fits in any pocket and proves itself as a versatile, sporty companion. Thanks to its great lumens-per-gram ratio and a custom-made light patte..
₹3,315 ₹3,490
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Ledlenser NEO5R LED Headlamp- 600 Lumens, 100 mts throw, 30 hrs, 100 gms, 1x Li-ion 3.7VThe NEO5R is the perfect headlamp for urban night runners thanks to its powerful light output and customised, specially developed light pattern. The weight distribution ensures perfect wearing comfort, even ..
₹4,550 ₹4,790
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Ledlenser P3 Core Compact EDC LED Flashlight- 90 Lumens, 110 mts throw, 6 hrs, 42 gmsThe P3 Core mini torch surprises with its strong performance and ability to fit into any pant or shirt pocket. Thanks to the Ledlenser patented 3 Advanced Focus System, you can continuously focus the light at any ti..
₹1,415 ₹1,490
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Ledlenser P7 Core LED FlashlightThe P7 is one of Ledlenser's most iconic flashlights still to this day, and the new P7 core is its upgrade with some design upgrades.- 450 Lumens, 300 mts throw, 25 hrs, 175 gmsThe P7 Core as successor of the P7 still has one of our most innovative light technologies,..
₹6,165 ₹6,490
Ledlenser SH-Pro90 LED Headlamp, 90 Lumens, 3xAAA Ledlenser SH-Pro90 LED Headlamp, 90 Lumens, 3xAAA
-20 %
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Ledlenser SH-Pro90 LED Headlamp - 90 Lumens, 50 mts throw, 60 hrs, 200 gms, 3xAAA Professionals and enthusiasts alike rely on LED Lenser’s multiple award-winning lights to provide ultimate illumination and reliability.  The finest engineering that Germany is world renowned for is..
₹1,350 ₹1,690
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Ledlenser Solidline ST4 UV LED Flashlight / Pen Light- 180 Lumens, 70 mts throw, 30 hrs, 60 gms The ST4UV is the ideal, compact pen lamp with that certain extra: additional UV light. In addition to the proven Ledlenser technologies, an UV-LED is built in, which enables extended functions, e.g. ..
₹2,840 ₹2,990
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Ledlenser W1R LED Flashlight - 220 Lumens- 220 Lumens, 61 gms DESCRIPTION:ULTRA-COMPACT, POWERFUL, VERSATILEThe Ledlenser W1R Work is a handy clip light for trades people, security personnel and DIY fans. It can easily be attached at any time by clip or magnet, e.g., to work clothing, caps..
₹2,555 ₹2,690
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Ledlenser W2R LED Flashlight, Pen Light - 220 Lumens- 220 Lumens, 60mts throw, 61 gms DESCRIPTION:PRECISE LIGHT, ALWAYS CLOSE AT HANDThe Ledlenser W2R WORK is a rechargeable pen shaped test light for tradespeople, construction workers and anyone in need of a reliable light in miniature for..
₹2,935 ₹3,090
Stock Status: Available
Ledlenser W4R LED Flashlight, Pen Light - 220 Lumens- 220 Lumens, 90 mts throw, 61 gms DESCRIPTION:ROBUST, VERSATILE, COMPACTThe Ledlenser W4R WORK is a reliable work light for everyday workshop use. The superior Ledlenser light beam ensures precise and powerful illumination of work areas ..
₹3,315 ₹3,490
Stock Status: Available
Nitecore HA13 Ultra Lightweight 3xAAA LED Headlamp, Soft illumination, Frosted Surface Design, Reflective Headband  - Extremely light weight, Built For Long duration use cases like trekking, DIY, Night Running, etc.  - Runs on 3xAA Alkaline (included) or Ni-MH Rechargeable or H..
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