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Lights and Tools in the Bicycling category have been carefully sorted out to the best of our knowledge and feedback. These Lights and Tools are some high quality stuff that will last a very long time and will serve the purpose. These make great gifts and tools to cyclists(bikers) and are built for Road, MTB and City riding purposes. 

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Fenix HL05 Tiny LED Headlamp plus Clip Light- 8 Lumens - powered by 2xCR2032 Button Cells - Can be easily used as independent clip light flashlight when separated from the headband module  Manufacturer Description:  The Fenix HL05 headlamp goes multi-functional beyond its li..
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Fenix HL16 LED Headlamp - with White and Red Outputs  - Designed for Parent-Child Outdoor Activities like Running, Hiking, Camping, etc. - Certified in the USA and Europe for Childrens safety standards. - Secure lock for children- 200 Lumens White Output and 0.2 Lumens Red Constant an..
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Fenix HL26R - Light Weight USB Rechargeable Trail Running LED Headlamp- 450 Lumens - Powered by Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery (3.7v 1600mAh Included)  - USB Rechargeable, Dual Light Source (Flood & Spot)- Cree XP-G2 R5 white LED + Nichia White LEDs Manufacturer Description: Int..
Fenix LD12 G2 R5 LED Flashlight GIFT PACK - (1xAA, 125 Lumens) Fenix LD12 G2 R5 LED Flashlight GIFT PACK - (1xAA, 125 Lumens)
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Fenix LD12 Gift Pack (G2 R5  Version) - 125 Lumens - Every Day Carry Light - 1xAA Manufacturer Product Description:  Fenix LD12 is a flashlight with side mode switch. It offers 4 brightness levels, Strobe and SOS. Using only one AA battery, it delivers a max 125-lumen output and ..
₹2,900 ₹3,950
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Fenix PD22 Ultimate Edition - 510 Lumens  - Powered by 1xCR123A or 1x16340(RCR123A) Rechargeable Battery (Not Included) - 5 Brightness Levels + Strobe + SOS - 130 mts rated beam distance, Max runtime in low mode - 100hrs The is an excellent example of how Fenix keeps pushing design t..
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Fenix PD25 - Small and Powerful LED Flashlight - 550 Lumens  - Powered by 1xCR123A or 1x16340(RCR123A) Rechargeable Battery (Not Included) - 4 Brightness Levels + Strobe - 130 mts rated beam distance, Max runtime in low mode - 100hrs Manufacturer Product Description: ..
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Nitecore BM03 Quick Release Bicycle Mount for BR25, BR35 or any 25mm Flashlights- Quick Release Mounting - Fits all 25mm flashlights - Compatible with BR25 and BR35 Bicycle lights ..
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Nitecore BR25 Ultra-Bright 1400 Lumen Bike Light, 4 Modes with 5000mAh USB-C Rechargeable Battery - Luminus SST-40-W LED - Powerful 1140 Lumens - 163mts Throw - 4 Bightness Levels- ULTRA-BRIGHT BIKE LIGHT - The BR25 has a max output of 1400 lumen that reaches up to 178 yards while provides wide-a..
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Nitecore BR35 USB Rechargeable Bike Light - Dual Distance  - 2x CREE XM-L2 U2 LEDs - Powerful 1800 Lumens - Dual Distance Beam - 176mts Throw - 4 Bightness Levels, 3 Different Settings (Short/Flood, Long/Throw, Dual Output) - Inbuilt OLED display shows Setting, Mode and remaining runtim..
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BR35 Replacement Mount  (Mount Only, Light not included)Since the BR35 has a quick release feature, its easy to remove and hook it up. With this mount, you can use the same light on multiple bikes without actually removing the mounts everytime. You only need to un-mount the Bike light whic..
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Currently on Offer:  Nitecore EA21 Flashlight with Free Panasonic AA Ni-MH 2000mah Rechargeable Batteries 4 Pack and Panasonic 4xAA Storage case worth Rs.1180  Panasonic Eneloop 4-pack Rechargeable AA Ni-Mh batteries and Panasonic 4-battery storage case Add EA21 to cart and the a..
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Nitecore HA11 Ultra Lightweight Single AA LED Headlamp, Reflective and Glow-in-the-Dark Headband  - Extremely light weight, Built For Long duration use cases like trekking, DIY, Night Running, etc.  - Runs on 1xAA Alkaline or Ni-MH Rechargeable  - Super Light Weight low p..
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