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Nitecore Flashlights

Looking for Nitecore Flashlights in India

Welcome to Lightorati - Your One Stop Shop for Nitecore Torch Lights, Nitecore Headlamps, Nitecore Keychain Flashlights, batteries, chargers and accessories.

Nitecore Range of Products:
NM Series Flashlights ----  NM01 
Explorer Series (E - Series) ---- EA21EA41, E4K 
Smart Ring Tactical Series (SRT Series) ---- SRT3, SRT7GT 
Chameleon Series (C Series) ---- Ci7, CU6  
Explosion Proof Series (EF/EH Series) ---- EF1EH1EH1S
Rechargeable Series (R-Series) ---- R25, R40 V2 
Concept Series (C Series) ---- Concept 2 
Diving Series (DL Series) ---- DL10DL20 
Bike Light Series (BR)  ---- BR35, BR25 
Gem Lights Series ---- GEM10UV 
Lantern Series ---- LA30, LR60 
Helmet Light Series ---- HM01 
CU Series - CU10 Backpack Light
Headlamp Series (NU) ---- NU05 Kit, NU05 LE, NU05 Mi, NU07 LE, NU17NU32, NU35 
Headlamp Series (HA/HC/UT)---- HA23, HA23 Ex, HC33, HC35, HC60, HC60 V2, HC60W V2, HC65, HC65 V2, HC60M, HC60M V2, HC65M, HU60, UT32 
T-Series (Keychain Flashlights)  ---- Tube V2, TIP 2TIP Cu, TINI2, TUP, T4K, TIKI, TIKI LE, TIKI GITD Green, TIKI GITD Blue, TIKI UV
Tiny Monster Series (TM Series Flashlights) ---- TM10K, TK9K TAC, TM28 SET, TM39
Precise Series (P Series) ---- P05, P10 V2, P20 V2, P20 UV V2, P10i, P20i, P20i UV, P10iX, P20iX, P22R, NEW P12, NEW P30, P30i  
Multi-Task Series (MT Series) ----  MT06MD, MT1AMT2AMT20AMT21A, MT21C 
Multitask Hybrid Series / Rechargeable (MH Series) ---- MH10V2, MH12V2, MH10S, MH12S, MH25GT, MH25GTS, MH25S, MH40GTR 
Nitecore Tactical Backpacks and Pouches: BP20, BP25, NDP20, NUP20, NUP30, NEB20, NEB30, NTC10, NRB10, NPP10, NPP20 
Nitecore Tactical Pens: NTP10, NTP20, NTP21, NTP30, NTP40

Nitecore Chargers: i2, i4, i8, D2, D4, V2, Ui1, Ui2, UM2, UM4, UMS2, UMS4Q2, Q4Q6, LC10, VCL10, UA42Q, UA55, UA66Q 
Nitecore Batteries: 18650 - 2300mah, 2600mah, 3200mah, 3400mah, 3500mah, 3500mah 8A, 2900mah Low Temp, 2600mah usb, 3500mah usb
Nitecore Batteries: 21700 - 4000mah, 5000mah, 5000mah USB-C, NL2150HPR, NL2150HPi 
Nitecore Camera Chargers: Canon: UCN1, UCN2 Pro, UCN3, UCN4 Pro | Nikon: UNK1, UNK2 | Sony: USN1 | Fujifilm: FX1  

For all other models of batteries and chargers, please check out the batteries and chargers section. 

Feel free to write to us at or call us at: +91.9030027300

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