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Doctor's Torches

Doctor's Torches / Flashlights - Medical Diagnosis and Inspection Pen Lights and Headlamps

Hand-picked Flashlights and Headlamps from across the world for Medical Professionals.
These Pen Torches and Headlamps are highly reliable and have a very long life. 

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Ledlenser P2R Core LED Flashlight, Penlight (Pen Torch) for Doctors (Medical Professionals), Engineers and DIY works- 120 Lumens, 65 mts throw, 5 hrs, 36 gms The smallest and lightest P-series pen light offers significant light output in a compact housing. With a clip, the pen lamp can be easil..
₹2,270 ₹2,390
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Ledlenser P3 Core Compact EDC LED Flashlight- 90 Lumens, 110 mts throw, 6 hrs, 42 gmsThe P3 Core mini torch surprises with its strong performance and ability to fit into any pant or shirt pocket. Thanks to the Ledlenser patented 3 Advanced Focus System, you can continuously focus the light at any ti..
₹1,415 ₹1,490
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Ledlenser Solidline ST4 UV LED Flashlight / Pen Light- 180 Lumens, 70 mts throw, 30 hrs, 60 gms The ST4UV is the ideal, compact pen lamp with that certain extra: additional UV light. In addition to the proven Ledlenser technologies, an UV-LED is built in, which enables extended functions, e.g. ..
₹2,840 ₹2,990
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Ledlenser W1R LED Flashlight - 220 Lumens- 220 Lumens, 61 gms DESCRIPTION:ULTRA-COMPACT, POWERFUL, VERSATILEThe Ledlenser W1R Work is a handy clip light for trades people, security personnel and DIY fans. It can easily be attached at any time by clip or magnet, e.g., to work clothing, caps..
₹2,555 ₹2,690
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Ledlenser W2R LED Flashlight, Pen Light - 220 Lumens- 220 Lumens, 60mts throw, 61 gms DESCRIPTION:PRECISE LIGHT, ALWAYS CLOSE AT HANDThe Ledlenser W2R WORK is a rechargeable pen shaped test light for tradespeople, construction workers and anyone in need of a reliable light in miniature for..
₹2,935 ₹3,090
Stock Status: Available
Ledlenser W4R LED Flashlight, Pen Light - 220 Lumens- 220 Lumens, 90 mts throw, 61 gms DESCRIPTION:ROBUST, VERSATILE, COMPACTThe Ledlenser W4R WORK is a reliable work light for everyday workshop use. The superior Ledlenser light beam ensures precise and powerful illumination of work areas ..
₹3,315 ₹3,490
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Nitecore HC35 USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp, 2700 Lumens with New Generation 21700 Battery - Outstanding 2700 Lumens of Flood output - New generation 21700 Li-ion lights (4000mAh battery included) - USB-rechargeable, adjustable 180 degrees up and down - Completely removable from ..
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Nitecore HU60 USB Powered Elite Headlamp with Spot and Flood, Wireless Remote, 1600 Lumens, Unlimited Runtime. There's is nothing like it! - Outstanding 1600 Lumens of Adjustable Spot Light and 1200 Lumens of Flood output Light - Can be Powered by any USB Power Source like a Comp..
Stock Status: Available
Nitecore MT06MD - LED Pen Light - Designed Especially for Doctors and Every Day Carry use- High CRI Warm White Output that is soft on human eyes - 180 Lumens,  Uses Premium Nichia 219B LED  - Powered by 2 AAA(Alkaline/Rechargeable Ni-Mh) (batteries not included with the flashli..
₹3,400 ₹3,500
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Nitecore MT21A - Cree XP-E2 R2 LED - EDC Flashlight - 260 Lumens  - Powered by 2 AA(Alkaline/Rechargeable Ni-Mh) (batteries not included with the flashlight  Features:  - LED Premium CREE XP-E2 R2 LED  - Maximum output of up to 260 lumens  - Integrated '..
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Nitecore MT2A Upgraded Version - Compact EDC AA Flashlight- One of the best options for self defense flashlight simply because of its form factor and battery configuration- CREE XP-G2 R5 LED - 345 Lumens, 152mts throw, IPX-8 Waterproof and submersible- Powered by 2xAA Batteries  (Alkaline ..
Ledlenser i6ER Rechargeable LED Pen Light for Doctors, Engineers and DIY, Pen Torch - 60 Lumens, 3xAAA Ledlenser i6ER Rechargeable LED Pen Light for Doctors, Engineers and DIY, Pen Torch - 60 Lumens, 3xAAA
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Ledlenser i6ER Rechargeable LED Pen Light for Doctors, Engineers and DIY- 60 Lumens, 80 mts throw, 25 hrs, 82 gms The long operating time of 8 hours in Power mode characterizes the Ledlenser i6ER, and in Low Power mode it even offers up to 25 hours of light. The Dynamic Switch end cap switch ca..
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