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CR123A Battery Flashlights

LED Flashlights which run by CR123A Non-Rechargeable Lithium Batteries.

CR123A Torch Lights, CR123A LED Flashlights, CR123A Headlamps and CR123A LED Lanterns in India at Lightorati.

These Lights are generally run by 1xCR123A or 2xCR123A or 4xCR123A or 6xCR123A or 8xCR123A Batteries. 
Mostly considered as Every Day Carry Lights because of the small size of the battery. 

CR123A is a battery that is considered best for backup lights because of the 10+ Years shelf-life. It also can be operated at extremely low temperatures so you are heading to the coldest regions, leave everything else and pick some of these as these will work where everything else can fail. 

All most all of the 18650 Flashlights also run on CR123A batteries - use 2xCR123A in place of 1x18650 Li-ion. Many CR123A Flashlights also work with Rechargeable RCR123A 3.7v(16340) batteries. Make sure you check your manual before you change your battery type. If you will need CR123A batteries, please consider getting a few good ones from our CR123A Batteries section. Make sure you are getting CR123A 3v batteries and not RCR123A(16340) 3.7v Rechargeable because some lights are incompatible to RCR123A(16340). 

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Fenix PD12 XM-L2(T6) Neutral White LED - Every Day Carry Light - 360 Lumens - Powered by 1xCR123A 3V Battery (Not Included) - 4 Brightness Levels - 120 mts rated beam distance The Fenix PD12 Flashlight generates 360 lumen max output in a go-anywhere size. Three brightness levels and a bu..
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Fenix PD22 Ultimate Edition - 510 Lumens  - Powered by 1xCR123A or 1x16340(RCR123A) Rechargeable Battery (Not Included) - 5 Brightness Levels + Strobe + SOS - 130 mts rated beam distance, Max runtime in low mode - 100hrs The is an excellent example of how Fenix keeps pushing design t..
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Fenix PD25 - Small and Powerful LED Flashlight - 550 Lumens  - Powered by 1xCR123A or 1x16340(RCR123A) Rechargeable Battery (Not Included) - 4 Brightness Levels + Strobe - 130 mts rated beam distance, Max runtime in low mode - 100hrs Manufacturer Product Description: ..
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Fenix SD20 Diving LED Flashlight - 100 Meters Dive Capability, Rotating Magnetic Ring for one hand mode control - 1000 Lumens - 3 Brightness Levels, 172 Meters Beam Distance - Powered by 2xCR123A or 2x18650 Rechargeable Battery (Not Included) - 3hrs on High mode, 7hr30mins on Low mode and 8h..
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JETBeam E40R USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight, TITANIUM GREY - 1150 Lumens, 1x18650 - Luminus SST40 N4 BC Neutral  White LED, 4 Brightness Modes + Strobe - Powered by 1x18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery or 2xCR123A  - 18650 2600mah battery included - USB Rechar..
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Nitecore GEM10UV - Professional GEM Stone Identification Flashlight- The GEM series are not ordinary flashlights and are purpose built for Jewelers desk- 3000mW UV Output, projecting the way it should for inspecting Gem Stones- Powered by 1x18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery or 2xCR123A Lithium ..
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Nitecore MH25 Night Blade Hunting Kit - - Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight Set - CREE XM-L U2 LED - 860 Lumens, Powered by 1x18650 or 2xCR123A Batteries - Rated for 236mts beam distance and 3hr15min on High, 8hr30mins on Medium, 28hrs on Low Mode Kit Includes: 1. MH25 LED Fl..
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Nitecore NPL30 - Picatinny Rail Mount Universal Weapon Light with Instant Blinding Strobe (1200 Lumens, 2xCR123A) - Compact, Lightweight, Built to last   - 1200 Lumens instant response Constant output or blinding strobe light - Powered by 2xCR123A Non-rechargeable batterie..
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Nitecore NWE30 Outdoor Emergency Whistle and Location Beacon Signal Light with 2000 Lumens   Features:   - Omnidirectional sound diffraction system with 120dB buzzing output - Smart sensor beacon flashing automatically in the dark with a brightness output of 2000 lumens&..
Nitecore SRT3 Defender - Everyday Carry Flashlight (EDC) (550 Lumens, 1xRCR123A/CR123A/AA) Nitecore SRT3 Defender - Everyday Carry Flashlight (EDC) (550 Lumens, 1xRCR123A/CR123A/AA)
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Nitecore SRT3 - Latest CREE XM-L2 T6 LED - Tactical EDC Flashlight - 550 Lumens - Powered by 1xRCR123A or 1xCR123A or 1xAA Alkaline battery or 1xAA Ni-MH Rechargeable battery - Rated for 134mts beam distance and 45mins-1hr15mins on Turbo, 150-200hrs on Lowest setting Lightorati's ..
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Solarforce successfully develops a new Z series keychain flashlight with the latest LED technology. Z1 is featured by its compact and easy-to-carry design, as well as its powerful output of up to 240 lumens.  Besides the high, medium and low, it has an extremely low (moon) mode which can l..
Convoy S2+ Gray EDC LED Flashlight, U2 1B, 7135x6, (940 Lumens, 1x18650) (White Output) Convoy S2+ Gray EDC LED Flashlight, U2 1B, 7135x6, (940 Lumens, 1x18650) (White Output)
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Convoy S2+ Gray LED Flashlight, 940 Lumens, 1x18650 (White Output)- Powered by 1x18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery or 2xCR123A  (not included)- Premium XML2 U2 1B LED with White Output,  7135x6 with 2800mA current producing 940 LumensFeatures: - LED: Premium CREE XML2 U2 1B ..
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