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AA Battery Flashlights

LED Flashlights which run by AA Alkalike and Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries.

AA Torch Lights, AA LED Flashlights, AA Headlamps and AA LED Lanterns in India at Lightorati.

These Lights are generally run by 1xAA or 2xAA or 3xAA or 4xAA or 8xAA Batteries. 
Mostly considered as backup lights because of the wide availability or AA Batteries in the local shops. 

Please note that AA/AA Batteries(Alkaline) even the high quality ones leak at some point if left unused/drained in the flashlights. Its best to change them or remove them from the lights after usage if not using everyday. 
If you need AA/AAA batteries that do not leak, please consider getting a few Rechargeable Panasonic Eneloop Range of Ni-MH Batteries

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Collapsible LED Lantern (30 LED, 60 Lumens, 3xAA) - Powered by readily available 2xAA  (Ni-MH or Alkaline)Lightorati's Note: Please note that this is a good quality lantern and produces very good output for the 3xAA and this not those cheap quality solar lanterns in the market which look ..
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Fenix HL16 LED Headlamp - with White and Red Outputs  - Designed for Parent-Child Outdoor Activities like Running, Hiking, Camping, etc. - Certified in the USA and Europe for Childrens safety standards. - Secure lock for children- 200 Lumens White Output and 0.2 Lumens Red Constant an..
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Ledlenser EX7 Intrinsically Safe LED Flashlight- 200 Lumens, 120 mts throw, 45 hrs, 232 gms, 3xAA, (Ex-Zone 0/20) Class 1, Div 1 ratedThe Ledlenser EX7 is crafted to be easy to turn on and off even when you're wearing heavy work gloves. The extra large Magnetic Switch is easy to opera..
₹6,640 ₹6,990
Stock Status: Available
Ledlenser EX7R Intrinsically Safe LED Flashlight- 220 Lumens, 140 mts throw, 45 hrs, 228 gms, 1x18650, (Ex-Zone 1/21)This torch for Ex-Zone 1/21 makes your work easier - and not only because it weighs just 228 g (incl. batteries). The real reason is its Magnetic Switch. Because this on/off..
₹12,815 ₹13,490
Stock Status: Available
Ledlenser EXH8 Intrinsically Safe LED Headlamp- 180 Lumens, 120 mts throw, 40 hrs, 3xAA, 345 gms, Ex-Zone 0/20Keep an eye on things and your hands free in hazardous areas. This EXH8 headlamp offers maximum safety from explosions in almost any work environment with gas or dust hazards. It's ..
₹7,115 ₹7,490
Stock Status: Available
Ledlenser P6 LED Flashlight with Adjustable Focus- 200 Lumens, 120 mts throw, 15hrs, 115 gmsA handful of light. Slim, elegant, user-friendly: Because of its non-slip surface and length of 163 mm, the P6 sits very nicely in your hand. This gives the flashlight a good grip. You can focus it using just..
₹3,125 ₹3,290
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LedLenser Solidline SL-Pro300 LED Flashlight- 300 Lumens, 250 mts throw, 5 hrs, 336 gms, 4xAA Professionals and enthusiasts alike rely on LED Lenser’s multiple award-winning lights to provide ultimate illumination and reliability.  The finest engineering that Germany is world renowned for ..
₹2,140 ₹2,250
Ledlenser TFX Zosma 900 Small Rechargeable EDC Flashlight, 900 Lumens, 1x14500 Ledlenser TFX Zosma 900 Small Rechargeable EDC Flashlight, 900 Lumens, 1x14500
-10 %
Stock Status: Available
Ledlenser TFX Zosma 900 Small Rechargeable EDC LED Flashlight - 900 Lumens, 160 mts throw, 9hrs, 78 gms.Don’t let the size fool you! The TFX Zosma 900, a compact, lightweight and intuitive tactical flashlight, delivers a powerful, consistent and reliable light, even in the most adverse conditio..
₹4,905 ₹5,450
Nitecore EA21 Tactical LED Flashlight (360 Lumens, 2xAA) Nitecore EA21 Tactical LED Flashlight (360 Lumens, 2xAA)
-25 %
Stock Status: Available
Nitecore EA21 - Tactical EDC Flashlight - 360 Lumens,  Uses Premium CREE XP-G2 (R5) LED  - Powered by 2 AA(Alkaline/Rechargeable Ni-Mh) (batteries not included with the flashlight)  Features:  - Utilizes CREE XP-G2 (R5) LED  - Maximum output of 360 lumens  - Integrated 'Precision Digita..
₹3,675 ₹4,900
Stock Status: Available
Nitecore has Improved and Re-Released the EA41 mid of 2021 - The Best 4xAA Flashlight there is! Nitecore EA41 Pioneer, New Upgraded Version  - Compact EDC Flashlight - 1020 Lumens, Powered by 4xAA Batteries - Rated for 335mts beam distance and 30hrs on Low Mode, 2hr45mins on High mode&nb..
Stock Status: Available
Nitecore HA11 Ultra Lightweight Single AA LED Headlamp, Reflective and Glow-in-the-Dark Headband  - Extremely light weight, Built For Long duration use cases like trekking, DIY, Night Running, etc.  - Runs on 1xAA Alkaline or Ni-MH Rechargeable  - Super Light Weight low p..
Stock Status: Available
Nitecore MT21A - Cree XP-E2 R2 LED - EDC Flashlight - 260 Lumens  - Powered by 2 AA(Alkaline/Rechargeable Ni-Mh) (batteries not included with the flashlight  Features:  - LED Premium CREE XP-E2 R2 LED  - Maximum output of up to 260 lumens  - Integrated '..
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