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Warm White Flashlights

LED Flashlights with Warm White Output in India at Lightorati 

These lights have softer output and less strain on eyes than the normal White Output Lights. Warm White Flashlights are best suitable as lights for Kids, Elderly and Photography as the output is softer.  They are very useful if your usage is longer or your subject is closer like mechanical and repair works. They also bring out colors well and don't wash them out if your purpose is photography.  

Cool White Light: ~7500-10000K, <70% CRI (Low Quality Flashlights with Blue Tint)
White Light: ~6000-7000K, 75% CRI  (Most High Quality Flashlights

Neutral White: ~4000-4500k, 80-85% CRI (Rare to Find)
Warm White: ~3000-3500K, 90-95% CRI (Super Rare to Find)

Please note that most LED Flashlights are generally White LED Flashlights and so Neutral White or Warm White Flashlights are not commonly seen. 

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Ledlenser ML4, Small Rechargeable LED Lantern - Warm White - 300 Lumens, 45 hrs, 71 gmsWith the ultra-compact ML4 rechargeable lantern, you can take the bright area lighting anywhere you go. The ML4 only weighs 2.5 ounces, is less than 4 inches long and has a carabiner hook so you can clip it t..
₹3,410 ₹3,590
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Ledlenser ML6 Rechargeable Camping Lantern - Warm White, 750 Lumens  - 750 Lumens, 200 hrs, 280 gmsFrom the backyard to the backcountry, the ML6 Warm Light lantern will set the perfect ambiance for any outdoor adventure or backyard party and keep your other devices charged too. This lanter..
₹6,640 ₹6,990
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Ledlenser P7R Work UV - Warm White and Ultraviolet Rechargeable LED Flashlight- 1200 Lumens (Warm White), Additional 365nm UV output, 240 mts throw, 90 hrs, 219 gms.The P7R Work UV is the perfect tool for professionals. Water, dust, shocks and chemicals cannot harm this robust torch at all (IP6..
₹10,440 ₹10,990
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Maxtoch D01 Diving Flashlight, MT-G2, 2000 Lumens - Flood Version- 100 mts diving depth, 270 mts throw- Powered by 2x26650 Rechargeable Li-ion batteries (not included)- Can be used with 1x26650 or 2x26650  (2 part battery tubes)- For full output and weight to size ratio, 2x26650 is recommended ..
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Nitecore Bubble One of a Kind Camping Lantern / Tent Light / Terrace Light - 3xAAA (100 Lumens, 5 hrs on High) - Available in 5 Color Options - Snow White, Tulip Yellow, Pale Mint, Languid Lavender, Misty Rose  - The Nitecore Bubble camping lantern has a maximum output of 100 lumens and is ..
Stock Status: Available
Nitecore HC35 USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp, 2700 Lumens with New Generation 21700 Battery - Outstanding 2700 Lumens of Flood output - New generation 21700 Li-ion lights (4000mAh battery included) - USB-rechargeable, adjustable 180 degrees up and down - Completely removable from ..
Stock Status: Available
Nitecore HC65 V2 Award Winning Triple Output USB-C Rechargeable LED Headlamp - 1750 Lumens  - Upgraded to 1200 Lumens from the earlier 1000 Lumens and new fast charging USB-C port  - Light weight, Excellent flood output with good throw, Full metal body  - Rated for 165mts beam di..
Nitecore LR60 KIT Most Unique Camping Lantern, Powerbank, Charger (280 Lumens, 2x21700 (or)  2x18650) Nitecore LR60 KIT Most Unique Camping Lantern, Powerbank, Charger (280 Lumens, 2x21700 (or)  2x18650)
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Nitecore LR60 KIT, USB Camping Lantern with Multi-Directional Settings - One of a kind Lantern with individually controlled directional light and multiple output levels - Inbuilt USB Charging, Acts as a charger for 21700 &18650 batteries - Can discharge batteries - making it an un..
₹9,500 ₹10,000
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Nitecore LR70 Camping Lantern with Flashlight and Powerbank function, 3000 Lumens Flashlight, 400 Lumens Lantern, 4 Red output modes for Indoor use and Signaling  - One of a kind Lantern with Flashlight built in  - Inbuilt USB-C Charging and Discharging - acts as a powerbank when ne..
Stock Status: Available
Nitecore NU17 Ultra Lightweight USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp- Best suited for Running, Marathons and Ultra Marathons, Early Morning and Night Walks, Small DIY Jobs - Extremely Light Weight, Multiple Outputs: Main White Output, Auxiliary Warm White and Auxiliary Red - Integrated reflective..
Stock Status: Available
Nitecore NU25 400L Lightweight USB-C Rechargeable LED Headlamp with Dual Beam, Feather-Light (Neutral White Output)  - Built For Trail Running for Runners, Hikers, Backpackers, DIY Work - Extremely light weight, USB-C Rechargeable, in-built 650mAh Battery   - USB-C Port for Interna..
Stock Status: Available
Nitecore NU25 UL Lightweight USB-C Rechargeable LED Headlamp with Dual Beam (Neutral White Output), with Reflective and Glow in the Dark Band  - Built For Trail Running for Runners, Hikers, Backpackers, DIY Work - Extremely light weight, USB-C Rechargeable, in-built 650mAh Battery  ..
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