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Neutral White Flashlights

LED Flashlights with Neutral White Output in India at Lightorati 

These lights have softer output and less strain on eyes than the normal White Output Lights. Neutral White Flashlights are best suitable as lights for Kids, Elderly and Photography as the output is softer.  They are very useful if your usage is longer or your subject is closer like mechanical and repair works. They also bring out colors well and don't wash them out if your purpose is photography.  

Cool White Light: ~7500-10000K, <70% CRI (Low Quality Flashlights with Blue Tint)
White Light: ~6000-7000K, 75% CRI  (Most High Quality Flashlights

Neutral White: ~4000-4500k, 80-85% CRI (Rare to Find)
Warm White: ~3000-3500K, 90-95% CRI (Super Rare to Find)

Please note that most LED Flashlights are generally White LED Flashlights and so Neutral White or Warm White Flashlights are not commonly seen.

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Fenix HL16 LED Headlamp - with White and Red Outputs  - Designed for Parent-Child Outdoor Activities like Running, Hiking, Camping, etc. - Certified in the USA and Europe for Childrens safety standards. - Secure lock for children- 200 Lumens White Output and 0.2 Lumens Red Constant an..
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Fenix PD12 XM-L2(T6) Neutral White LED - Every Day Carry Light - 360 Lumens - Powered by 1xCR123A 3V Battery (Not Included) - 4 Brightness Levels - 120 mts rated beam distance The Fenix PD12 Flashlight generates 360 lumen max output in a go-anywhere size. Three brightness levels and a bu..
Fenix PD40 LED Flashlight (1600 Lumens, 1x26650) Fenix PD40 LED Flashlight (1600 Lumens, 1x26650)
-12 %
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Fenix PD40 LED Flashlight - Powered by 26650 Li-ion Battery - Uses Cree MT-G2 (P0) LED - 1600 Lumens - 5 Brightness Levels - 200 mts rated beam distance for amazing floody throw - 1hr45mins in High and 30hrs in low mode, 120hrs in Eco mode Recommended Battery:  (Not included wi..
₹7,500 ₹8,500
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Fenix TK47 - Long Range Search Lightwith Neutral White Output- 1300 Lumens - 4 Brightness Levels + Strobe - Powered by 2x18650 batteries (not included) - 700 Mts Throw, integrated Red and white LED with diffuser on Tail SwitchManufacturer Product Description: Fenix TK47 is an ultra-long ra..
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Fenix TK65R - Powerful Rechargeable Search Light (Flooder with Neutral White Output)- 3200 Lumens - 5 Brightness Levels + Strobe + SOS - Built-in 7.2V/5000mAh Li-ion battery pack, Micro USB fast charging with fast charging adapter- 375 Mts Throw, integrated Battery indicator on Tail Switch- Cat..
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Fenix TK76 2x CREE XM-L2(U2) + 1x CREE XM-L2(T6) Neutral White LED Flashlight with Spot and Flood LEDs - 2800 Lumens - 4 Brightness Levels(x2) + Strobe + SOS - Powered by 4x18650 Rechargeable Batteries (not included) - 450mts rated beam distance Manufacturer Product Description:&nb..
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JETBeam E40R USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight, TITANIUM GREY - 1150 Lumens, 1x18650 - Luminus SST40 N4 BC Neutral  White LED, 4 Brightness Modes + Strobe - Powered by 1x18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery or 2xCR123A  - 18650 2600mah battery included - USB Rechar..
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Maxtoch D01 Diving Flashlight, CREE XM-L2 U2, 1200 Lumens - Throw Version- 100 mts diving depth, 400 mts throw- Powered by 2x26650 Rechargeable Li-ion batteries (not included)- Can be used with 1x26650 or 2x26650  (2 part battery tubes)- For full output and weight to size ratio, 2x26650 is reco..
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Nitecore HC60W V2 USB-C Rechargeable LED Headlamp - Neutral White Output Version- Neutral white output version of the best selling HC60 V2 Headlamp - Upgraded to 1200 Lumens from the earlier 1000 Lumens and new fast charging USB-C port - Light weight, Excellent Flood output, full metal bod..
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Nitecore NU33 Lightweight USB-C Rechargeable LED Headlamp with Triple Outputs - Built For Trail Running for Runners, Hikers, Backpackers, DIY Work - Extremely light weight, USB-C Rechargeable, in-built Battery  2000mAh Li-ion - USB-C Port for Internal Recharging of in-Built Battery (USB..
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Nitecore NU35 Lightweight LED USB-C Rechargeable Headlamp - Built For Trail Running for Runners, Hikers, Backpackers, DIY Work - Extremely light weight, USB-C Rechargeable, in-built Battery  and compatible with 3xAAA Batteries- USB-C Port for Internal Recharging of in-Built Battery (USB-C..
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Nitecore NU40 Lightweight USB-C Rechargeable Headlamp, Built-in 1000mah Battery, Safety Sensor for Proximity  - Extremely light weight, Built For Trail Running for Runners, Hikers, Backpackers, DIY Work - USB-C Port for Internal Recharging of 2600mah in-Built Battery (USB-C cab..
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