Fenix 18650 2300mAh 3.6V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (ARB-L2M) [DISCONTINUED]

Discontinued / Upgraded

Fenix 18650 Rechargeable 3.6V 2300mAh Lithium-ion Battery ARB-L2M model 

This battery is especially designed for Fenix's high-intensity flashlights. The Fenix 18650 features large capacity, outstanding performance, great reliability, and compact design. 

Recommended Charger: Fenix 18650 Smart Charger or Fenix ARE-C2 Multi-Charger

Lightorati's Note: Fenix 18650 battries are very good quality batteries with a very long life. They are very reliable and we have never faced any issues. These batteries are premium quality. 

Specifications and Features :
- 2300 mAh large-capacity battery with outstanding performance
- The battery has triple over-heat protect for safety and reliability
- Built in over-charge, over-discharge protection circuit to ensure the maximum performance of the battery
- The circuit board has front and back protections to make it more impact-resistant and reliable
- Compact design, suitable for high-intensity flashlights
- The protruding contact point in the negative pole makes it convenient for creating battery series
- No battery memory effect, negligible self discharge
- 3.6 Volt
- Charging Current: Recommended A1, maximum 2A
- Weight: 49g Size: Diameter 18.5mm with a height of 68mm
- Warranty Period: 12-month free warranty period from purchase date
A word of caution from the manufacturer: 
- Observe the plus (+) and minus (-) marks on the battery and ensure proper use
- Do not expose the battery to fire or throw it into water
- Do not mix fully charged batteries with used one, or other battery types
- Do not disassemble the battery
- Only charge the batteries with chargers designed for li-ion batteries
- Recharge the battery after every 3 months’ storage to secure maximum performance before use
- Keep out of the reach of children

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