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RCR123A Battery Flashlights

RCR123A Battery Flashlights

LED Flashlights which run by RCR123A(16340) 3.7v Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries.

RCR123A Torch Lights, RCR123A LED Flashlights, RCR123A Headlamps and RCR123A LED Lanterns in India at Lightorati.

These Lights are generally run by 1xRCR123A or 2xRCR123A Batteries. 
Mostly considered as Every Day Carry Lights because of the small size of the battery. 

All most all of the RCR123A 3.7v Battery Flashlights also run on CR123A 3v batteries. Make sure you check your manual before you change your battery type. 
CR123A(non rechargeable version) is a battery that is considered best for backup lights because of the 10+ Years shelf-life. It also can be operated at extremely low temperatures so you are heading to the coldest regions, leave everything else and pick some of these as these will work where everything else can fail. 

If you will need RCR123A or CR123A batteries, please consider getting a few good ones from our CR123A & RCR123A Batteries section.  

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