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Neutral White Flashlights

Neutral White Flashlights

LED Flashlights with Neutral White Output in India at Lightorati 

These lights have softer output and less strain on eyes than the normal White Output Lights. Neutral White Flashlights are best suitable as lights for Kids, Elderly and Photography as the output is softer.  They are very useful if your usage is longer or your subject is closer like mechanical and repair works. They also bring out colors well and don't wash them out if your purpose is photography.  

Cool White Light: ~7500-10000K, <70% CRI (Low Quality Flashlights with Blue Tint)
White Light: ~6000-7000K, 75% CRI  (Most High Quality Flashlights

Neutral White: ~4000-4500k, 80-85% CRI (Rare to Find)
Warm White: ~3000-3500K, 90-95% CRI (Super Rare to Find)

Please note that most LED Flashlights are generally White LED Flashlights and so Neutral White or Warm White Flashlights are not commonly seen.

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