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Fenix LD75C - High Power Color LED Flashlight  - Four Cree XM-L2 (U2) LEDs and XM-L Color LEDs  - Powered by 4x18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries (not included) - 4200 Lumens - 5 Brightness Levels + 4 Color Modes + Strobe - 490mts rated beam distance Manufacturer D..
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Fenix TK47 - Long Range Search Lightwith Neutral White Output- 1300 Lumens - 4 Brightness Levels + Strobe - Powered by 2x18650 batteries (not included) - 700 Mts Throw, integrated Red and white LED with diffuser on Tail SwitchManufacturer Product Description: Fenix TK47 is an ultra-long ra..
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Fenix TK65R - Powerful Rechargeable Search Light (Flooder with Neutral White Output)- 3200 Lumens - 5 Brightness Levels + Strobe + SOS - Built-in 7.2V/5000mAh Li-ion battery pack, Micro USB fast charging with fast charging adapter- 375 Mts Throw, integrated Battery indicator on Tail Switch- Cat..
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Fenix TK76 2x CREE XM-L2(U2) + 1x CREE XM-L2(T6) Neutral White LED Flashlight with Spot and Flood LEDs - 2800 Lumens - 4 Brightness Levels(x2) + Strobe + SOS - Powered by 4x18650 Rechargeable Batteries (not included) - 450mts rated beam distance Manufacturer Product Description:&nb..
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Nitecore MH25S - 1800 Lumens, 500 Mts Throw, 5000mah Battery- Next Generation USB-C Rechargeable Flashlight that's built like a Tank - One of the most anticipated flashlights of 2021- Powered by a Premium Luminus SST-40-W LED  - 1800 Lumens, Powered by 1x21700 (21700 5000mAh Battery Inclu..
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Nitecore R40 V2 - Rechargeable Duty Ready Flashlight with Multiple Charging Options- Duty Ready Flashlight - 2 Charging docks included, USB-C Built-in, no need to remove battery from flashlight - 3 charging systems (2 Charging cradles included), Vehicle charging cord included - Powered by CREE..
Nitecore TM10K - 10000 Lumens Brightest Rechargeable LED Flashlight (10000 Lumens, 288mts, In-built battery) Nitecore TM10K - 10000 Lumens Brightest Rechargeable LED Flashlight (10000 Lumens, 288mts, In-built battery)
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Nitecore TM10K - Tiny Monster LED Flashlight with Super Flood - Powered by 6x CREE XHP35 HD LEDs - 10000 Lumens, Uses an in-built 21700 4800mAh High Performance battery  - Rated for 288mts beam distance and 2hrs on High, 2hrs on High, 7hrs on Mid, 14hrs on Low Highlights: ..
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Nitecore TM28 SET - Tiny Monster LED Flashlight with Super Floody Throw - Powered by 4x CREE XHP35 HI LEDs - 6000 Lumens, Uses 4x18650 Batteries Rechargeable Li-ion/IMR Batteries (4xIMR18650 3100mah included) - Rated for 655mts beam distance and 45mins on Turbo, 2hrs on High, 4hr30..
Nitecore TM36 Lite Flashlight - 1100 Meters Search Light (4x18650) Nitecore TM36 Lite Flashlight - 1100 Meters Search Light (4x18650)
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Nitecore TM36 Lite - Long Range Throw Search Light - High Power Luminus SBT-70 LED Nitecore Tiny Monster Flashlight - 1800 Lumens, Built-in Battery with inbuilt charging port - Rated for a Whopping 1100mts beam distance and 1hr on Turbo(1800 Lumens), 3hr15mins on High(800 Lumens), 6..
₹24,750 ₹33,000
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Nitecore TM39 - The Big Daddy of the Tiny Monster Series in true sense    - 1500mts astounding throw - Simply the Best of the Best  - Powered by a Premium State-of-the-Art Luminus SBT-90 GEN2 LED  - Generates 5200 Lumens and an unbeatable throw of 1500mts and 562500 ca..
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Nitecore TM9K TAC - Tiny Monster Tactical LED Flashlight with Super Flood - Powered by 9 x CREE XP-L2 HD LEDs with a max output of 9800 Lumens - 9800 Lumens, Uses in built 21700 5000mah high discharge battery - Instant Turbo with dedicated secondary tail switch - USB Type-C recharge..
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Solarforce C2000 - CREE MT-G2 LED Flashlight with 2000 Lumens- Offers maximum 2000 Lumens output.  - Neutral White Output for ease on eyes- Built with Carbon Fiber and T6063 T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy- Limited Edition - Production is limited to 500 Flashlights across the world- Runs on 3x..
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