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Looking for Ledlenser LED Flashlights and Ledlenser LED Headlamps in India ?
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Ledlenser EX4 Intrinsically Safe LED Flashlight- 50 Lumens, 35 mts throw, 7 hrs, 65 gms, 2xAAA, Ex-Zone 0/20, Class 1, Div 1 RatedExtremely lightweight, small, and handy, this light is perfect for using in explosive environments. The Ledlenser EX4 was designed specifically for Class 1,..
₹3,695 ₹3,890
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Ledlenser EX7 Intrinsically Safe LED Flashlight- 200 Lumens, 120 mts throw, 45 hrs, 232 gms, 3xAA, (Ex-Zone 0/20) Class 1, Div 1 ratedThe Ledlenser EX7 is crafted to be easy to turn on and off even when you're wearing heavy work gloves. The extra large Magnetic Switch is easy to opera..
₹6,640 ₹6,990
Stock Status: Available
Ledlenser EXH8 Intrinsically Safe LED Headlamp- 180 Lumens, 120 mts throw, 40 hrs, 3xAA, 345 gms, Ex-Zone 0/20Keep an eye on things and your hands free in hazardous areas. This EXH8 headlamp offers maximum safety from explosions in almost any work environment with gas or dust hazards. It's ..
₹7,115 ₹7,490
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Ledlenser H15R Core High Power Rechargeable LED HeadlampThe H15R Core combines outstanding luminosity and click-less focusability.- 2500 Lumens, 250 mts throw, 80 hrs, 380 gmsThe H15R Core combines outstanding light output and focusability. Long runtimes are guaranteed thanks to its powerful, r..
₹12,815 ₹13,490
Ledlenser H19R Core High Power Rechargeable LED Headlamp - 3500 Lumens, 300mts Ledlenser H19R Core High Power Rechargeable LED Headlamp - 3500 Lumens, 300mts
-18 %
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Ledlenser H19R Core High Power Rechargeable LED HeadlampPOWERFUL HEADLAMP, ADJUSTABLE FLOOD AND SPOTLIGHT AND RED LIGHT OPTION IS PERFECT MATCH FOR ANY SITUATION- 3500 Lumens, 300 mts throw, 20 hrs, 374 gmsThe Ledlenser H19R Core with up to 3500 lumens features the Fusion Beam, combines the power of..
₹16,615 ₹20,290
Stock Status: Available
Ledlenser H5R Core Rechargeable LED HeadlampThe H5R Core is a compact, yet powerful headlamp- 500 Lumens, 200 mts throw, 50 hrs, 167 gmsThe H5R Core is a compact, powerful headlamp that is a convenient and waterproof portable lighting solution. This headlamp is practical and versatile, thanks to the..
₹5,880 ₹6,190
Stock Status: Available
Ledlenser H7R Core Rechargeable LED Headlamp, 1000 Lumens - 1000 Lumens, 250 mts throw, 65 hrs, 259 gmsThe H7R Core is a versatile specialist among headlamps – powerful, durable and continuously dimmable. The Ledlenser patented Advanced Focus System allows you to easily transition light from a ..
₹7,400 ₹7,790
Stock Status: Available
Ledlenser HF4R Core Rechargeable LED Headlamp- 500 Lumens, 130 mts throw, 97 gmsSLIM, LIGHTWEIGHT - PERFECT EVERYDAY USEThe Ledlenser HF4R CORE rechargeable head torch is slim and lightweight - perfect for everyday use. The spot and flood light white light sources for near and far illumination are c..
₹3,315 ₹3,490
Stock Status: Available
Ledlenser HF6R Core Rechargeable LED Headlamp- 800 Lumens, 160 mts throw, 126 gmsPOWERFUL, PERFECTLY BALANCED ILLUMINATIONThe Ledlenser HF6R CORE rechargeable head torch delivers powerful, perfectly balanced illumination. Three brightness levels, plus a Boost mode, are complimented with an additiona..
₹5,215 ₹5,490
Ledlenser iF8R Rechargeable & Magnetic & Bluetooth LED Work Light, Flood Light - 4500 Lumens Ledlenser iF8R Rechargeable & Magnetic & Bluetooth LED Work Light, Flood Light - 4500 Lumens
New -5 %
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Ledlenser iF8R Rechargeable & Magnetic LED Work Light, Flood Light - 4500 Lumens- 4500 Lumens, 12 hrs, 2000 gms DESCRIPTION:POWERFUL WORK LIGHT WITH BLUETOOTH APP FOR REMOTE CONTROL:* This compact and powerful floodlight is paired with a Bluetooth app, so not only can you illuminate your workspace, ..
₹18,040 ₹18,990
Stock Status: Available
Ledlenser iW5R Flex LED Work Light with Magnetic Base and Flexible Head - 600 Lumens, 6.5 hrs, 220 gms The iW5R Flex is a rechargeable work light is a pro for the even the most hard to reach spaces. It's durable and flexible lamp head ensures a clear view and free hands, even when working ..
Stock Status: Available
Ledlenser K4R USB Rechargeable LED Keychain Flashlight (Upgraded Model)- 120 Lumens, 30mts,  4 hrs, 63 gms.Small light, big power: The K4R is a rechargeable keychain light with up to 120 lumens of light output, making it significantly brighter than most smartphone torch functions. No more messi..
₹1,510 ₹1,590
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