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Ledlenser PL6 USB Rechargeable LED Lantern, 750 Lumens

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Ledlenser PL6 Rechargeable LED Lantern

- 750 Lumens, 55 hrs, 280 gms

The classic lamp, the lantern, reinterpreted - the PL6 from Ledlenser. Their high-lumen LEDs ensure that you keep a clear view even when working in the dark - with the unique, glare-free and efficient Micro Prism Technology. The special surface structure distributes the light evenly, no matter whether you hang up your PL6, put it down or attach it to metal with integrated magnets. Or simply pack it thanks to its small size and take it with you - as your floor lamp to go..


Brand Ledlenser
Country of Origin Germany
Color Red & White
LED 18xXtreme LED
Lumens 750 Lumens
Beam Distance
Material Aluminium
Switch Type Head Switch
Water Resistance IP54
Battery Type18650,2500mah
Battery Capacity
Battery Duration 55 h
Rechargeable Yes
DimensionsHeight: 178mm
Weight 280 grms
Whats Included 1 set of batteries

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