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Nitecore TUBE V2.0 (55 Lumens) - Lightweight USB Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight

Nitecore TUBE V2.0 Upgraded Version - USB Rechargeable LED Key-chain Flashlight 

- Must have Everyday Carry Keychain light 
- 55 Lumens, built-in 125mAh rechargeable battery 
- Extremely compact and light weight (9.6gms) 
- Powered by a Premium high performance LED 
- Internal battery with Micro USB Port for Recharging 
- Stainless steel key ring connector built in that can withstand 35 kg weight 
- Built-in Charging indicator 
- 2 Settings - Low and High and variable brightness that can be stopped anywhere between 1 to 55 Lumens
- Easy to access single side switch - One hand operation

- Infinite Variable Brightness; range of 1 to 55 lumens 
- Available in 10 vibrant colors to match your personal style 
- Ultra tiny & lightweight; weighs a mere .33 ounces!  
- Integrated blue power indicator for charging progress
- Wide 100° angle beam for peripheral illumination
- Press & hold for momentary illumination on high mode
- Stainless steel key ring for keychain, lanyard, or tool belt 

- LED: High performance LED 
- Beam Color: White
- Power Source: Built-in 125mAh Li-ion Battery
- Body Material: Polycarbonate 
- IP Rating: IP65 
- Impact Resistance: 1 meters 
- Brightness Outputs:  
High - 55 Lumens - 1 Hour 15 minutes.  
Low - 1 Lumen - 58 Hours 
- Peak Beam Distance: 25 Meters (305.12 ft.)
- Peak Beam Intensity: 156 cd

Dimensions: Length: 56.5mm, Width: 21mm
Weight: 9.6gms 

Includes:  2 sizes keyrings

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