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Panasonic Evolta Alkaline AAA Batteries Original 1.5V, 2-Pack (LR03EGDG/2B), 10 Year Shelf Life


Original, New and Improved Panasonic Evolta Alkaline AA Batteries 1.5V, 2-Pack (LR03EGDG/2B), Upto 10 Year Shelf Life - Best AAA Alkaline Batteries in India 

Panasonic Product Code: LR03EGDG/2B  (Earlier: LR03TDG/2B) 
(Non-Rechargeable Batteries)

2 Pcs - blister packing 

NOTE: These are Original Panasonic Batteries (Made in Thailand and officially imported) as seen in the pictures.
Current Stock's Manf. Date is Aug 2021 (8-2021), Best Before: Aug 2031 (08-2031) which is the latest and fresh stock and has a shelf life of up to 10 years. So go ahead and order with Confidence. 

Brand:  Panasonic 
Model number:  LR03EGDG/2B (2pcs per blister card packing)
Type:  Zinc Chloride (Alkaline, Non-rechargeable, DO NOT RECHARGE)
Suitable Devices:  Flashlights, Wall clocks, TV remotes, Small Water Overflow Alarm systems, Door bells, Toys and other electronic items
Branding Color: Blue/Gold
No Memory Effect, Triple Tough coating, Anti Leak Protection, 
Maximum Shelf Life - 10 years
Series - ALKALINE AAA 1.5v

Panasonic EVOLTA is the ultimate premium Alkaline battery 
Panasonic EVOLTA batteries are 20 times longer lasting than standard Zinc Carbon batteries. They are especially designed to offer uninterrupted and long-lasting power for everyday devices.

Reliable and Trustworthy 
Panasonic’s flagship battery is available in AA and AAA sizes and pack configurations. Its durability makes it the perfect choice when it comes to choosing the best companion for all your everyday devices Choose Panasonic EVOLTA and enjoy long-lasting and uninterrupted power.

Store Batteries Safely for Up to 10 years 
The new Panasonic EVOLTA batteries keep power locked in even after years in storage.
Its unique high-quality chemistry including added “titanium” *** prevents degradation while
its Anti-Leak Seal prevents leakage to ensure long life and stability to your devices. ****

Special Tough Terminal Coating  
Panasonic EVOLTA has a special tough terminal coating. Also known as triple tough coating, it is a nickel-iron alloy sandwich. It has an outer layer made of nickel, a middle layer made of nickel-iron alloy and an inner layer made of iron. This sandwich reduces contact resistance, prevents iron oxidation and safeguards the battery’s outer layer, thus improving the battery’s overall performance.

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  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Product Code: LR03EGDG/2B
  • EAN: 8901255001137
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ₹84
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