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Ledlenser Solidline SH3 LED Headlamp - 300 Lumens, 3xAAA

Ledlenser Solidline SH3 LED Headlamp

- 300 Lumens, 180 mts throw, 25 hrs, 85 gms 

The Ledlenser Solidline SH3 model - Innovative gesture control (Gesture Control) is a special and very convincing feature in this price class in the new line of Solidline flashlights. One-handed touch to the sensor turns the flashlight on and off immediately. The particularly light headlamp made of high-strength Polycarbon makes this headlamp perfect for everyday household activities. In addition, the possibility of tilting the head of the flashlight up to 60 degrees and switching to 4 levels of illumination allows for accurate and reliable lighting of the entire surface.


Brand Ledlenser
Country of Origin Germany
Color Black
LED 1x High power LED
Beam Distance 180 mts
Lumens 300 Lumens

BOOST mode: 300lm - 180m 
Strong mode : 180lm - 140m - 6h 
Medium mode : 100lm - 120m - 7h 
Economy mode : 20lm - 20m - 25h

Material Aluminium
Switch Type Front
Water Resistance IP54
Battery Type 3xAAA
Battery Capacity
Battery Duration 25 h
Rechargeable NO
Dimensions Head Diameter: 27 mm
Weight 86  gms
Whats Included 1 set of batteries, 

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